Conception. Childbirth. Development. Naturally. Consciously. Blessingly.
Social project "Miracle in the Heart" We popularize
natural childbirth
In good faith from the bottom of our heart...

Donation and Cooperation

"Every gift which is given, even though is small,
is, in reality, great, if it is given with affection."
- Pindar

Q3v0SEUoO0IExpression of gratitude is the exchange of energies filling up the participants of the exchange. We are happy that we confirm the laws of Thanksgiving and Thanksgetting.

If you share our idea of online Festivals and our projects (on conscious conception, natural childbirth, portal for the birth care professionals), if our mission is close to your heart (on popularizing natural childbirth and conscious parenting), if you want to have high qualitative, actual and available information concerning this topics, we do appreciate your support of our projects.

We are frequently asked about our further plans. What will we do after the Festivals? What will we be engaged in? What project will we organize next? We researched and found out that there are no qualitative non-medical information web resources for pregnant women and newly mothers. A web resource where you can find contacts of all professionals working in this sphere. We thought out to create the first portal in the Russian Internet, where you can find all those professionals who qualitatively help to prepare for giving birth a baby by required city (midwives, doulas, psychologists, art therapists, yoga groups, dances, handicraft, etc.)

This idea requires a qualitative realization.  We got to know that the creation of such a portal costs approximately USD 1,000 – 1,500.  So it’s quite costly for us because we are not representatives of any organisation or a company.

Therefore, we decided to make it possible to arrange a donation to the Festivals' development.

To let the website keep on fulfilling its mission and developing, you can support us by any means acceptable for you:

  • to thank speakers for their assistance to you and people transferring your donation to the development fund of the portal (see below),
  • to purchase a useful good or service (it is expected in English soon),
  • to put in a snip of your work creating materials especially for our project (articles, videos, translations into other languages, posting on social media, etc.),
  • to send mentally rays of good, love and gratitude to the Supreme Forces, our speakers and all those who participate in the development of our project (you can thank them in leaving comments on the web pages of the Festivals and under articles),
  • to share the link to our website in your web resources.

Generous and hearty grantors steadily get our gifts and bonuses in return! 

Material support (crucially important for us)

We guarantee that all money transferred to our account will be spent solely on the new website creation, its technical support and promotion.

Besides, we would like to have a reserve fund to cover expenses on the current and upcoming Festivals, as we are going to make our Festival “Miracle in the Heart” annual. The realization of the idea of the Festivals, contacting speakers, creation and contenting of the website required previously and is still requiring huge inputs of time and energy from us, as well as certain financial costs.

We thank you very much in advance for the warmth of your hearts and participation in the portal life. We tried to make money transfer as much convenient for you as possible according to you Ukrainian legislation.

You can use payment systems as follows:

1. International money transfer services

i.e. MoneyGram International, Western Union or any other global service for cash transfer.

Please use the following info for the transfer:

Olga Vishkina, Ukraine (city of Kharkov), phone: + 38 095 710-17-70

Please send the information about your payment (amount of money, date, remitter's name and surname, secret code) to our Festival email box:

 2. MasterCard Universal

You can pay to our card at any cash machine or any affiliate of Ukraine Privat Bank: 5168 7422 0082 6513 recipient Olga Vishkina (This is my universal account for any currency)

3. MasterCard  for Euro

5168 7420 6303 1144 recipient Olga Vishkina   (here you can transfer only Euro) For  SWIFT  in  Euro:
BENEFICIARY: VISHKINA OL’GA YUR’EVNA IBAN: UA813515330005168742063031144
Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany

4. WebMoney

  • U412121580346 — UAH
  •  Z344220785600 — USD
  • E273125409917 — Euro

to make donations

We are grateful for you and promise (we do it within 2 years already, since the end of our first online Festival), in our turn, to make donations for charity from the donations we got from you, as well as to go on our serving for the sake of families worldwide!

Thank you all who support us.

We made our Festivals fully free of charge fundamentally, however, we ask dedicated participants to support our idea for peace, joy and health in your families!